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    Okay, well this is the first time i have posted in the forum, despite being a user for a long time now (haden't even made an account till now) but i feel I have an idea thats worthy of this lol.

    Basicly, from research, i have found that people are not using the iPhone main screen, many people hardly use it at all, and this presents a problem -

    The only way that you can view these at a glance is by this (or if you have installed the Notifier App)

    My idea is that an app be developed which displays all information you need, Emails, SMS, calls and links you to them.

    Also if possible some way to link it to the iPod part of the phone, where you can choose your music and see whats playing.

    There should also be user definable shortcuts so that people can still get to what they want eisily.

    The idea of this app is for it to be open 90% of the time and allow users to see the information that they need.

    This is a little mockup (excuse the rushed-ness, im in a lesson)

    Any developers willing to take this on?

    Or any ideas?
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    that look really cool even thou its rushed and thats a good idea to have links to the app and i really like the ipod idea
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    2008-02-27 11:07 AM