1. Dizzy714's Avatar
    Would be awesome, just like the Dew sliders.
    Can anyone throw this up for me?
    2008-09-26 09:55 AM
  2. 461am's Avatar
    Do you have a particular image in mind?

    Something like this?

    Or this?
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    2008-09-26 10:04 AM
  3. Dizzy714's Avatar
    I was thinking something exactly like the full can [2nd one], that would be perfect.
    Maybe a slightly clearer image of the can, though, because of the lighting of that picture [the shadow is a bit darker towards the bottom 1/3rd or so].
    Actually, that might actually blend together better than being a perfect lighted picture of the can, whatever you think would look better.

    I found a way better picture.

    My attempt to quickly straighten it.

    Here's the original.
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    2008-09-26 10:47 AM
  4. 461am's Avatar
    hmm, I might do those in a while. But for now I did the one from my post.
    My first slider ever, so go easy on me.
    Bud light slider

    This is what it ended up looking like.
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    2008-09-26 11:51 AM
  5. Dizzy714's Avatar
    Haha, it's good. I actually went ahead and made a go at it myself too, but with the picture I posted up.
    So here's my first slider, and this is what mine ended up looking like.

    BIG BIG version.


    Okay I seriously don't know what the **** is up, with this green tinted bs.
    Check my rant in the Theme Releases forum explain what the **** I'm confused about.
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    2008-09-26 02:39 PM
  6. 461am's Avatar
    What did you use to edit the picture?
    2008-09-26 04:22 PM
  7. Dizzy714's Avatar
    Adobe Photoshop CS3.
    Everything was fine for like the first hour, the slider looked awesome on my phone.
    And then out of nowhere, I was in the SSH trying to add a carrier logo and next thing I know I see a green tint on my slider.
    So I was like alright I'll just go back onto my files an reload it, but what do you know, every beer can of that image I made had a green tint on it.
    So then I went on here and it was green too, so I went to flickr.com [where I found the picture] and that had a green tint on it too.
    It's the weirdest thing I've ever experienced on a computer, ever. I don't know what's wrong or what happened.
    So now I'm gonna have to take a picture of a Bud Light Can of my own, and then do all the erasing out the background again which took a pretty long time.
    2008-09-26 10:54 PM
  8. 461am's Avatar
    I can't understand why this happened. I saved a copy of your slider on my computer and the same exact thing happened to it too. Either that or my minds playing tricks on me.
    I was thinking it might have had something to do with you using trial software that leaves a mark on the image to nag you into buying it, but thats not the case, so.. I'm stumped.
    2008-09-29 11:53 AM
  9. Dizzy714's Avatar
    It makes absolutely no sense does it? I mean, even on flickr, the original guy that posted the full bud light can image has the green tint to it now. I must have a supercomputer that can automatically hack the entire internet and creep into other peoples computers, haha. I'm actually really bummed though, because the slider did look pretty good. I just changed the image to black/white so I can still use it, for now.
    2008-09-30 11:29 AM