1. thartman's Avatar
    I have searched for a proggie that will allow you to password protect pictures / camera rolls and files. If one exists - please let me know.

    If not - would hijacking Springboard still have to come into play for just password protecting files?

    2008-10-02 08:35 PM
  2. jamezjr's Avatar
    There is an app in the appstore called "folders" that does what your asking, i havn't tried it but it does what your asking.

    Personally i'm waiting for hidepod, i used it for many things. It did not support files, but thats not somthing i ever needed.
    2008-10-03 04:00 PM
  3. sziklassy's Avatar
    don't want people to see your secret upskirts eh?
    I once prayed to God for an iPhone, but quickly found out He didn't work that way...so I stole an iPhone and prayed for His forgiveness.

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    2008-10-03 04:05 PM
  4. basik19's Avatar
    Lockdown 4.0 works great for locking any application.
    2008-10-03 10:08 PM
  5. gQstatus05's Avatar
    Lockdown 4.0 works great for locking any application.

    Thanks! don't want my girl to see pictures of other girls.
    Android user suffering from iPhone withdraw.
    2008-10-09 06:26 PM
  6. MOTY9's Avatar
    how do you use lockdown 4.0?
    I downloaded it but it keeps asking me for password and i never set a password? what do i do?
    2008-12-19 05:43 AM
  7. santacruzlocal's Avatar
    I use "PS" (Picture Safe) ... Great App.
    2010-07-26 11:09 PM
  8. liamwalsh21's Avatar
    2010-07-27 12:13 AM
  9. Salidin60's Avatar
    2010-08-12 08:11 AM
  10. Host_Killer's Avatar
    Video vault. Apple app store. Much cheaper than others and less intrusive
    2010-08-12 08:53 AM