1. bubonicbryan's Avatar
    Having stacks on the springboard (not just the dock) would be awesome, they could be like categories, but when you open them you dont have to wait for it to load, it just opens like the grid view. The grid view is very much how OSX opens folders anyway.

    Anyone think we should let the two developers get together? Perhaps push em together at a party or set em up on a blind date. ROFL.

    but seriously, this would be easier than categories and look great. But stacks only allows one and on the dock. whats up with that?!
    2008-10-03 02:25 AM
  2. stlcaddie's Avatar
    you read my mind.... i hope they do consider it.
    2008-10-03 02:30 AM
  3. alesparks's Avatar
    I second this idea.
    2008-10-03 05:10 AM
  4. jusasweet69's Avatar
    it would be great cuz the two developers each have exstensive knowledge of parts they work on for the springboard both together would be excellent
    2008-10-03 02:36 PM
  5. h.abdulhamid86's Avatar
    what makes categories so slow to open is that it is actually an app that has to load. stack is...well, a stack. its just there already. however, stack is immovable. it is positioned to that one spot, and doesn't move around like apps do. so it would need the properties of an app (ability to be placed anywhere on the springboard), and the functionality of a stack.

    sounds like a fun project! i wish i could do it!
    2008-10-04 07:58 AM