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  1. jksponge's Avatar
    What's taking them so long?
    2008-10-06 07:29 PM
  2. jtnave23's Avatar
    No telling. But hey, for a FREE service compared to the amount of time to make the app, I won't complain. I am following the developer (who also does uSirius as well) on Twitter. He hasn't posted anything in over a month, but assures that he's still working on the project. He has had several beta testers out, so hopefully we'll see something sooner than later! I miss it!
    2008-10-06 08:50 PM
  3. wzad's Avatar
    he's a pretty busy guy from what I can see.. The version released in 1.x was just beta anyway and had some flaws that I suspect will be cleaned up in the 2.x version.

    He's gonna be releasing it to the app store if possible I beleive so he's gonna wanna have it just right.

    That being said, uXm and uSirius are being awaited with much anticipation,so hpefully we see something in the public very soon
    2008-10-07 03:58 AM
  4. WhiskeyKarma's Avatar
    wzad you are right he is busy, I emailed him two weeks ago from his website asking if he could give a glimmer of an update to everyone waiting. I haven't heard anything back yet.

    As for trying to get it into the App Store I dont know if that will fly very well because Sirius/XM Satellite Radio was working on getting their respective 'Mobile' version available through the app store and that will cost money and will only offer limited station options but its what AT&T Wireless already has available on other smartphones.
    2008-10-18 07:16 PM