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    Can someone make a simple program that opens up a map of the US or california, and which it will access an RSS feed or "other method" to plot recent earthquakes? I think it would be pretty simple... Have an scalable image load when app is opened, then squares (representing EQs) load over image. Its almost just like plotting points on a graph but only the graph isn't visible, the picture is.....

    I can open a webpage and view the same thing but it takes forever becuase the image has to load through edge. so someone PLEASSEEEEEE I know you can do it!

    Heres what I'm Talking about.
    Map Centered at 37N, 120W

    Ill even pay for it on app store if anyone knows how to create it or where I can request it be made. Its an easy way to make money... GO DO IT!

    Thank you so much!
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    2008-10-17 03:09 PM
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    NEVERMIND, there is one in app store now,"quakes"
    2008-11-08 11:07 AM

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