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    look, here's the deal, we have the most advance phone on the market that can do just about anything....

    Except play decent online video.

    This is how I came to this conclusion. I wanted to watch some Sarah Palin stuff, mainly the SNL spoofs that they've been doing. i don't watch T.V. as it is, but when something does catch my interest, i go to HULU.com.

    It's wicked-cool high quality, easy to use, and it's sponsored by the Networks so you don't have to sweat about "archiving" it from a torrent and getting the FBI knocking at your door.

    Not that I ever really sweated about that before, but some people are nervous about that sort of thing...

    The thing about this is that there once was a dream of a Hulu app, but something got screwed up in the works and talks between Hulu and Apple went bye bye.

    Let's face it. Youtube is great if your in elementary school just discovering the internet. It was great when it came out, and now we can have all the Viral Video in the world in our pockets. I for one know that my favorite feature in the world on my iPhone is watching recuts of the Numa Numa kid Vs. Star Wars Kid Vs. Tay Zonday....

    I know that's why i bought the iphone...

    But honestly, I want to watch real video of real television. I want to be able to see shows or news that I might have missed.

    yes, i know... it all about iTunes revenue... well, we also have dTunes so there is that.

    According to iTunes a season pass of Heroes is like 65 dollars!!! Thats more then a month of cable, and for one freaking show!!!!

    The Networks have also expressed unhappiness as to how their shows are being priced through iTunes.

    The networks are finally getting it into their heads that people want to watch T.V. on their own time, not in a time slot.

    And before anyone says it, Hulu is not Flashed based, its RTMP based (i learned that one from the guys who developed Xbox Media Center).

    So we are not under any restrictions concerning that.

    There is already ATT mobile coming out for 30 dollars a month that is going to be available on lesser phones. There is no reason whatsoever why this couldn't be accomplished.

    I hope someone steps up to this challenge and i look forward to reading some of your responses.
    Herp a derp a derp a doooo!
    2008-10-20 05:26 AM
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    Herp a derp a derp a doooo!
    2008-10-21 06:47 PM
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    am i the only one who wants Hulu?

    i don't mean to clutter up the forum with this, I am just surprised no one else is thinking of it.
    Herp a derp a derp a doooo!
    2008-10-29 02:39 AM
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    screw it i second this post although for now i can live without it
    2008-10-29 04:34 AM
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    AT&T mobile will be very much like their 3G service as far as how quick it will be rolled out. It is going to take forever.

    I agree that the iTunes prices are too steep which pushes people in the direction of torrents and such.

    The increasing costs of music CDs did the same thing so I think it would benefit all if there were a cost friendly alternative.
    2008-10-29 07:05 AM