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  1. ecd5000's Avatar
    wanted to see oregon trail and warcraft 2 on the iphone 3g that would be some cool ****
    2008-10-21 01:37 AM
  2. boe_dye's Avatar
    Oregon Trail FTW!

    God that brings back some memories of naming my family all of my friends names, and then mercilessly letting them die on the trail.

    And then running around poaching buffalo and other furry woodland creatures...

    Now do you want the old 8bit Apple II version or the "new and improved" version. Cause I would love to see the old Apple II version.

    Now if only we could get space quest or leisure suit larry or kings quest going...
    Herp a derp a derp a doooo!
    2008-10-21 03:03 AM

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