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    I've been looking for ages for an application that does this, and been surprised not to find anything.

    I'm looking for an application where you could enter your cell plan billing cycle, free monthly minutes, free evenings and weekends if you have it (and at what times), monthly free SMS, monthly 3g bandwidth cap, and other cell plan details, and the phone would warn you when you are exceeding or near to exceeding your regular monthly plan usage.

    The idea is to give the user a warning when they are exceeding or about to exceed their monthly cell plan so they know to avoid using the phone and keep the bill cost down.

    Anyone know of anything that does this? Anyone wanna make one and possibly become famous?
    2008-10-22 05:28 AM
  2. west-siiiyyde's Avatar
    Wow! Sounds like a pretty good idea!
    2008-10-25 08:46 AM