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    new to the idea but wanting to use the iPhone to make 100's of calls a day but not use my minutes. Is there any way to make this possible? I know there is skype or something but you have to pay for it. I will only be making calls for a week or so.

    Basically I wanna somehow use my Internet connection, iPhone and if needed a regular phone. Again, I don't know how to make this happen.

    Voip for iPhone on wifi? Thanks for any help!

    truphone. icall. Both cost money. All I want is free wifi calls. My office is upstairs and excelant wifi connectivity.

    This would be awsome to find.
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    try finge
    2008-10-26 01:48 AM
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    checked app store and cydia. Nothing to be found. ???

    ahhh. Fringe. Not finge. Anyways. This will let me moe free wifi calls huh? How does it work?
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