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    --ipod touch 2.1

    so here we go: i have tried to use winterboard to do videos, and it doesnt work very good. same as everyone else, works fine, then crashes to black after a minute.

    then, i took one of the videos i liked, and converted the video into 55 jpegs with:

    FREE Video & DVD Software: Download free Video to JPG Converter - make shanpshots from video files

    so that was fine and dandy. just did the "every 10 frames" to convert into jpegs. then i had to convert these to .png, so i did that with:

    How to convert JPEG to PNG | JPEG to PNG converter | JPEG to PNG

    and that was great except they place a watermark on all the photos unless you buy it.

    so i modified the Saurik.theme thing by doing this; instead of {'Nature.png', etc'}, i put in {'Wallpaper 01.png', 'Wallpaper 02.png', } and so forth for all 55 png files i had. then turned down the delay time to 50 (milliseconds). then put in the 55 png's into the private folder. test opened it in opera and it looked great.

    loaded this all into diskaid and opened it up in winterboard.... WHOA, it was slow!!! couldnt move at all in the homescreen, after 4 minutes i finally got into winterboard and turned of "saurik". BUT, my background WAS in fact there, and *somewhat* scrolling through the photos i had. but it was completely lagging the system, BADLY!!!!

    proof of concept: it worked....ish. the TOTAL file size of all the png's was only like 1.5MB or something, which is about 1/4 the original video size.

    last word: saurik (and others based on it) is dead stable. no issues i have found. vwallpaper on Winterboard however is NOT!! trying to bridge the gap, and kinda succeed but namely FAIL.....
    2008-11-03 09:29 AM
  2. 461am's Avatar
    You should take a look at 'AT Theme' in cydia, that tries to do, atleast from my understanding of it, the same thing. That too doesn't manage to pull it off without incredible lag.
    I find myself asking, what's changed between 1.1.4 (where video backgrounds worked well), and 2.0 (where they work horribly).
    2008-11-03 10:10 AM