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  1. helitx's Avatar
    Well after many years of having a telephone/clock next to the bed (even though we have not had home phone service in going on 4 years) gonna get rid of it and let the iPhone take its place.

    Ordered a Griffin Aircurve cradle today and now just need an app...

    What I am looking for (it may exist though I have not been able to locate) is a clock app with the time in LARGE size AND the current days weather. Need to be able to set alarms, set so the iPhone does not sleep or dim.

    Anyone know of something like this?

    NOT looking for a lockscreen app... Already have Intelliscreen filling that duty...

    2008-11-15 09:18 PM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    I've never seen one that displays the clock, weather and doesnt dim or close.
    2008-11-15 11:07 PM