1. basis's Avatar
    I've been looking for an app to allow me to connect via telnet / ssh to ANSI BBS (yes, there are still boards running). I've tried Mocha telnet and iSSH, but neither work properly (not all telnet support is the same).

    As an example, try: telnet://theroughnecks.net (not my BBS)

    A common BBS client is mTelnet the ozone bbs! - web page

    This may have already been solved with a jailbreak type fix, but I cannot find anything (please let me know if it has).

    I realize the user base for such a request is small, but it may catch on when people realize they can play BRE, LORD, etc. from their iPhone.

    2008-11-27 03:09 PM
  2. canadacow's Avatar
    Main iSSH developer here. Hang tight there with iSSH. I am aware of the ANSI issues in some situations (Tradewars 2002 works so long as the ANSI animations themselves don't play, etc.) and it will be resolved in the next version which is due any time. The upgrade will be a free upgrade, I should add. Thanks for your patience!

    2008-12-01 09:31 PM