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    Hello out their fellow ipeople. I just upgraded to 2.2 and jailbroke, so as those of you who know, we have to start all over again! Things work great, however their is one app. i have been looking for, but can't seem to find it, i had it for my 1.1.4 jailbreak. I think it was called FindIt, you would put the name of the app. you where looking for and it would tell you the source you needed to install it, if it's not in your repo of sources. I miss this app. can anyone tell me where i might findit lol, or did it get a makeover and I'm just missing it. Thanks!
    1 Last thing, where did themebuilder go to, so i can pick my icons for specific themes. New to winterboard not familiar with it!
    2008-12-02 05:07 PM