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    What if there's an app that looks like this..
    an app that will allow you to type/text the usual way as a regular phone..

    its like the native way to text..
    because it will help if...
    *if your fingers and really big typing in the iphone is a real pain...
    *if you don't like to go back to basics and learn how to type using the touch keyboard on iphone ( specially if you are TEXT-ing for 8 years using the native way )

    something that looks like this..
    (I edited the image)

    hope that everybody understands what I'm saying

    P.S. ( if you like )
    spread out this idea to any other sites/developer's site..
    you can use the image if you wanted to..

    hoping that someone will caught of this one...
    its really helpful for people who've been using normal phones for years because its a big time adjustment using the iphone's keyboard..
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    2008-12-07 11:44 AM
  2. textadict's Avatar
    hope my post will attract developers ...
    badly nid somthing like this one..
    2008-12-08 02:28 PM
  3. moshika's Avatar
    i dont badly need this but i think its a good idea
    I'm not a Genius, but I can sure pretend to be one!
    If I helped you please press Thanks!
    2008-12-15 05:55 AM
  4. textadict's Avatar
    yeah got the name..
    number pad texting..
    badly need this one..

    USERS with big fingers..
    USERS who only uses one hand..
    2008-12-15 12:09 PM
  5. Apollo_316's Avatar
    I love this idea so much and want it so badly I would easily shell out $10 for it!! I'm going to post a link to this page on every forum I can find (iphone related of course lol)


    There is a program called multitap T9 on Cydia but it does not have the predictive features yet! So to type lol you have to type 555-666-555 We need the predictive features!!! (Which I also know is quite possible from the app SmartDial on the appstore which allows searching contacts only using the phone pad pictured above and uses predictive text) I want this very badly for texting!!!
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    2009-02-09 01:24 PM
  6. corfukat's Avatar
    Found an app in itunes its not great but think once you get used to it T9app. But please post if there are any new and better T9 apps that come out
    2010-01-05 11:37 AM
  7. ddonuts4's Avatar
    Some advice; even my normal sized fingers had some trouble hitting the keys. I figure out that if you use the very tips of your finger, and don't press as hard, it's easier to hit the keys. It also seems to sense only the very center of the tap. Now I'm typing with my thumbs instead of my fingers.
    2010-01-10 05:29 AM
  8. Hazzard's Avatar
    Wrong Thread...
    2010-01-16 02:24 AM
  9. BortzANATOR's Avatar
    Found an app in itunes its not great but think once you get used to it T9app. But please post if there are any new and better T9 apps that come out
    1) does this have the predictive text we are hungry for?
    2) is it possible to get our hands on that predictive dictionary and use it to make a better keyboard?
    2011-01-29 04:04 AM

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