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    I'm probably not alone in that I really hate voicemail and it drives me crazy to get calls on my cell phone with no CID information which are usually telemarketers (because I use my cell phone as my home phone) or calls from people I really don't care to talk to ... ever. Unfortunately, in the cellular world, you're pretty much stuck with this stuff but it would be nice to see an iPhone app to help out!

    I would like to see an app that can do the following:
    * Intercept CID info before allowing your phone to ring and match that info against a pre-defined set of rules to determine how to handle the call.
    * Record personal messages to playback to callers based on the rules from the previous feature including the generic "not in service" message.
    * Full featured answering machine right on the phone where YOU can personalize everything including greetings based on: time of day, calendar options, and CID info.
    * Ability to record a call in progress with or without announcement to the other party that recording has begun.

    IMHO this would be the most used iPhone application ever made. I just wish I had the time and programming skills to make this happen myself.
    2008-03-03 09:34 AM