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  1. vzert's Avatar
    Hi guys, check out this new software released in Nextel Argentina, it's basically a messenger to use in your pc to dc any nextel user.

    Here's a link to the demo, only it's in Spanish, but it can give u a clue as how it works.

    NEXTEL AERGENTINA - Conexión Directa Web

    The service was also released in Mexico a couple of days ago.

    NEXTEL - Conexión PC

    If someone could port this application (Dispatch Messenger)to the Iphone it would be the way to use Nextel ptt in our devices.
    2009-01-21 12:23 AM
  2. gQstatus05's Avatar
    Yeah.... because I know like one Nextel user and that's my sister in NY.

    It would be cool but Nextel Chirp is popular in NY. I really don't know anywhere else they use them because I haven't seen someone with a nextel phone in years.
    Android user suffering from iPhone withdraw.
    2009-01-21 09:38 PM
  3. wadestock's Avatar
    I don't know many people with Nextel PTT anymore but i would still love to own an application that could do that on the iphone through 3G or Wifi. If i knew how to port i would work on this - i'd pay 5-10 dollars to have this feature on my phone and i'm sure i'm not alone.

    Plus, if many people got it, they would add to the Chirp community. Back in 2003 - everybody i knew including myself had a Nextel, i miss those days. Eventually the service got too shitty to deal with and people dropped like flies.
    2009-05-14 06:10 PM

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