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    Hi All,

    I've been trying to sort out a simple, efficient and practical way to navigate my iPhone with no success.

    I thought SpringJumps was the answer, but realised that to be truly effective I would need one page that would be my index to other pages and a link to the index page on all my other pages. This is not possible with SpringJumps, I still need to scroll.

    I then thought how about placing all my spring jump icons into the Stack programme which resides in the dock. I would then have an efficient way to access other pages immediately from the dock no matter where I am. I hit 2 snags. Firstly SpringJumps is limited to 9 pages (not that I have any more, but in the future with the increase in apps and 16GB of disk space?!) and secondly, the SpringJump icons don't work once located in the Stack on the dock.

    At the moment the best navigator is QuickGold, I have to check whether I can navigate directly to a page using QuickGold, but I hope you're understanding where I'm coming from.

    In my opinion, navigation is far from ideal on the iPhone and nothing to my limited knowledge fills the gap.

    Before you ask, I have tried Categories, but as noted on most posts, the speed is too slow. Also, it reverts back to default icons and runs the look.

    If one of you genius programers could come up with an a la carte navigation system, it would be much much much appreciated!

    I think I have found a solution. The beta version of SpringJumps now has a DockJump facility. When you click the page dots it brings up a grid with all of your Springjumps and you can go anywhere anytime!! Thanks Spring Jumps!!

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