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    I heard that there is a way to do that but i can't find the app to do that. does anyone know of one.? I am on ATT network..
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    2009-01-30 07:04 PM
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    are you on tmobile or att? if your with tmobile its easy....SwirlyMMS. if your with att....good luck. there are alternatives but nothing official
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    2009-01-30 07:10 PM
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    In the summer, Apple is releasing a new Firware called 3.0 and it has the ability to send and recieve MMS/picture messages. IT also has other things like bluetooth headphone music streaming, copy and paste, landscape SMS and email and notes...etc

    P.S: Do not update if you have jailbraked and want to keep your modifications...wait until 3.0 has been fully jailbroken...

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    2009-05-02 08:46 AM