1. crossover496's Avatar
    My iphone headphone jack is broken.
    I know this is a common issue, since the iphone only supports
    recessed headphones. I propose an app to switch between headphone
    and built in speaker. The best option would be an app that would
    1 click switch between the 2 options. Ideally I want to be able
    to put an app in the dock, that changes color when touched to
    show either the speaker or headphone in use.

    This app would help me, and anyone else who faces the broken jack issue. Much better solution than dealing with apple's warranty or for those out of warranty. I plan on having the jack replaced in time but I KNOW that this problem SUCKS and is common with the iphone.

    I'd love to see a turnout of developers help with this program, I dont suppose it would be too difficult.

    Thanks in advance for any help with this issue!!
    2009-02-01 03:50 AM