1. mrkay's Avatar
    Is there an app around that will allow you to set your lockscreen wallpaper different from the phone wallpaper? I know Winterboard will let you but you are stuck with the Theme's wallpaper. I use Glass Orb with my own wallpaper. I'd like to continue to do that and still be able to set the lockscreen wallpaper differently. Kate's "facelift" will allow you to do that but I don't want to install it even though I have a lifetime license. There's gotta be a way without having to SSH everytime I want to maintain the phone's wallpaper but still change the lockscreen. Thanks in advance.
    2009-02-02 11:56 PM
  2. subywrex's Avatar
    i would say what ever one you want to modify the most use your user wallpaper, and what ever you dont want to change as much just replace your wallpaper.html in your theme file via ssh..
    2009-02-03 12:58 AM