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  1. ufmedrudy's Avatar
    The repository is less then stellar in telling one how to do it, yet there are a ton of packages out there. I would like to create my own, how is it done?
    2007-09-13 08:00 AM
  2. NetMage's Avatar
    PXL format doesn't appear to be documented, but fundamentally it is a zip file with a directory structure (the source to be installed) and a special plist (PxlPkg.plist) that is an XML file containing instructions for installation.

    Unzip some existing PXL files to see what can be done - dropbear.pxl has postflight instructions, for example.

    There also preremove instructions to be executed before removing an application.
    2007-09-13 11:26 PM
  3. momoatyou's Avatar
    iPCsuite can let you make your own PXL package.
    Attached Thumbnails So How Does One Make A PXL package?-2008-12-23-16-42-29.jpg  
    2008-12-23 08:54 AM