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    Hey there,

    I was wondering if it's possible to block internet traffic. You see, what I am looking for is a background application (such as a on-iPhone proxy/firewall), which monitors my incoming/outgoing internet traffic and blocks all servers but one (which is free on my subscription plan), while I'm on EDGE/GPRS (here in Germany it'll be GPRS since EDGE isn't very popular).

    The problem with the iPhone on limited data plans is, that it was designed in combination with an unlimited OTA data plan. Using the iPhone without one may cost a bunch of money, since many iPhone apps like to access the Internet without asking permission. Now, on my data plan with Vodafone, they give me access to their portal for free. If I could block all other OTA traffic (except when on WiFi), this would make life a lot easier on me, since I'd know that the phone won't connect to the net when I accidentally hit "Stocks" or something. BEWARE: this means ALL iPhone web traffic when on carrier's network - not just within the browser.

    The obvious way is just not to configure GPRS access in the settings. This would be fine normally, but since I get Vodafone's portal for free, I'd sure like to use is

    Is writing an app like this easy? I'd be willing to pay
    2007-09-13 12:29 PM