1. vinsai's Avatar
    I just deleted customize off my iTouch recently and i've been looking for a more efficient way to organize my apps ever since.

    gLauncher is great, but it doesn't provide any options. I wanted to write a way to create customizable arrays of apps that would display in a nice neat list in the way gLauncher does, but allow folders to be created and the lists to be modified at will.

    After going through the hell of setting up an environment on my linux box, I set to teaching myself objective c and quickly realized what an ungodly language it is. The HelloWorld app I found was 44 lines and 3 classes! Just to say "ciao." I know Java pretty well and I've worked with a lot of open source C++ apps before, and did not realize what I was getting into.

    With there being no other app to organize our files, I thought someone else might be interested in this idea. It's going to take me a LOT longer than I had anticipated. The source files can be found here.

    On that note, can anyone recommend a good book for learning ob-c and programming in general for iPhone, this is my first attempt at both and it hasn't been going so well


    2009-03-06 08:34 AM
  2. JStraitiff's Avatar
    learn objective c on a mac by dave mark

    thanks alot by the way

    i have been looking for this for a while, i want to mod it so it shows hidden apps
    2009-03-06 08:51 AM
  3. vinsai's Avatar
    lol No problem glad to help, the developer actually has a thread on ipodtouchfans, I'm thinkin about hopping over there to pitch this idea. I'm tired of Customize. It comes sooooo close to being awesome, but its just too slow.


    2009-03-07 08:25 AM