1. mwr_allen's Avatar
    It would be great if there was a voice to text app for the iPhone so that you could literally talk to the phone while in the text application so that it converts your speech to text then send it as a text message.

    We already know that there is an application that recognises voice and selects the phone number that you want so is this possible?
    2008-03-07 01:31 AM
  2. coolio86's Avatar
    Yes. This is VERY possible. No one has made it for the iPhone though. But the best speech to text recognition program on PC only takes up 1.3 GB so getting a more compressed version shouldn't be too hard, and then it will even take up less space. But I don't know how to make it.
    2008-08-20 05:26 AM
  3. halochamp's Avatar
    that would be cool
    2008-08-23 08:14 AM