1. alnk1015's Avatar
    I am sure it would be a piece of cake for programers to whip up an app that has the following two parts:

    1) Native app on iphone which will respond to certain text or incoming data connection (like push email). This app will respond with the current GPS position of the phone.

    2) A computer program you can open up whenever you misplace your phone or lose it to locate the lost phone on a map by receive the GPS position from the iphone.

    The key is for the phone to respond only when the computer program initiates connection so the app will not run the phone's battery.

    Does anyone else thing this would be a good idea?
    2009-03-27 07:37 AM
  2. Broomhead's Avatar
    search around. its been made
    2009-03-28 03:47 PM