1. tsmith's Avatar
    I think it would be great when you switch music, to have it fade out and into the next song very fluidly. With Winamp when you switch the song, it fades out of what is playing and right into the next one extremely nice and quick and almost always sounds like a "pleasing to the ear" transition. I hate on the iPhone when you change the song and it cuts off abruptly and waits a second or 2 before playing the next one.

    I understand it might have to be that way, but if the same command that fades music on incoming call could be incorporated into the iPod and used when switching songs... awesome

    the fade might have to be quicker than an incoming call but... still would make listening to music 53% more fun.

    also would make DJ-ing on the iphone sound better if you like to switch between songs and not listen to the whole thing.

    Thanks iPhone Dev-a-teers!
    2009-03-31 10:11 PM