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    Guys. Does anyone knows an app that allows RDP into my iPhone from the Internet (using a pc, or maybe another iPhone). Perhaps through an INTERNET client installed on the iphone.
    Why do I want get that?
    OK here is my imaginary scenario. I lay my iphone somwhere, turn around for a sec, then it's gone.

    My SciFi solution:
    1- I get online log into my iphone, activate the GPS to know it's location.
    2- Send or pop Alert message perhaps combined with some Vibration, and sounds. use that to trick the thief; may be make him look at the camera, just in case it might be in his pocket.
    3- Activate the camera/video snap apicture of him and surroundings.
    4- Go get my phone, and punch him in the face.
    5- May be I'll call the cops (snitch).

    Why do I want a client on the iphone?
    This has to be a client installed to secure connection since your phone is not with you; how would you guess it's EDGE/xG IP address??? and the pervert might already snatched your SIM out. That is the SW you can activate remotely. Otherwise how would I know what IP my phone got and how would I get into that network anyway, then it's the hasstle of SCP, and terminals and coding...

    If this is not to much to ask can they make it secured perhaps and encryption key created ONLY by user. not that I don't trust developers. I don't trust their wierdo mood swinging friends.

    Did anyone try iLocalis??? Don't...
    Why not Veency or VNC??
    a)You need the phones IP, and to be on same subnet as it is.
    b)Any 2-years old (may be 6 years old) hacker wanna-be will easily remote into your phone and they won't worry about the accept/reject prompt. google some SSH and unix commands then login to the wireless router check the dhcp table. wow you got all cnnected iphones ip's... winscp to them using alpine..
    with VNC you can actually use it.

    So bottom line is Internet client is what I need help finding... means somone has to host that awesome service.

    Any ideas??? please :-)
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