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    Ok, I know theres the app UPnPAVRenderer that says its supposed to play music from your media server, however, it does not want to work. All it does is open and say UPnP started, there are no other options. What I'm wanting to do is play music from my MediaPlayer 11 media server. Much the same way I do with my PS3. Does anyone know of an app that does this?

    Herro??? Anyone???
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    Seriously?? No one? I can't believe there isn't an app that does this, seriously. If you can have a DLNA media server on your iphone it stands to reason you should be able to play music from a DLNA server on your network no?

    Now I feel retarded. The app store has PlugPlay $4.99 but it works exactly like I wanted it too.... *DOH!*
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