1. DeafMac's Avatar
    Hi, I just thought of something...Recently, dev's found out how to dual boot linux onto the iphone but it was only command line...

    What if we had a Android emulator running on the iphone ontop of the iphone's OS...? We already have a vMac Emulator to run Mac OS so why not try to run Android? It could use the iPhone's phone and internet capabilities just like any other iphone application...

    This would be soo cool if someone managed to do this...
    Macbook Pro 17" Unibody (Late 07) Leopard, Macbook Air 2nd Gen Leopard, Macbook 1st Gen CD Tiger, iPhone 3G 16GB 2.2.1
    2009-04-18 09:27 AM
  2. DeafMac's Avatar
    No body is interested?
    2009-05-24 05:54 AM
  3. jkru09's Avatar
    i think a Web Os one would pwn.
    2009-07-18 11:24 PM