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    Good god are these things annoying. I don't need to know if I dropped $1.50 on a call here or there I can check my current balance online daily and budget myself. I don't need to know when I've used $0.0 from my feature balance (what AT&T can't implement a simple "if, then, else:" to filter out at at least the bogus $0.0 data) I can check those online too.

    I'll admit that some people who cannot manage their accounts online because they are retards may find this curse useful but the other 98 percent of us prepay users HATE THIS CRAP and AT&T refuses to do anything about it or at the very least offer their consumers the OPTION to turn the messages off. Can you smell a conspiracy to goad people into a contract with the more expensive, required iPhone data plan??

    Please, please, please can somebody write a small little piece of software to run in the background to suppress these stupid USSD Notifications? I'm begging, as is the silent landslide majority of GoPhone iPhone users. Whoever solves this issue is a God!!

    No replies or comments at all? Seriously? In most of the other forums I read loads of people are really upset about these garbage messages. Am I really the only one who cares here?
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