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    Hello mmi users and iPhone developers.
    i've got an idea of nice app, that controls the iPod/iPhone player while phone it's locked and in a poket, without the apple's handsfree, only with volume buttons.

    i think controls shoud be like this:

    1 up: play/pause
    2 up: next
    3 up: vol max

    1 down: stop
    2 down: prev
    3 down: vol mid

    long up: shuffle on/off
    long down: repeat on/off

    vol. mid and max are user pre-defined settings like 95% and 50% percent of volume.

    settings of it shoud be in Settings.app in iPod menu. i think Help reference, On/Off, and 2 sliders for user defined volume should be enought.

    If some developer wants to write this app, please contact me xackoffcc at gmail dot com.

    Btw, do users need an app like this?

    --- Daniel Dad
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    2009-05-11 07:41 AM
  2. lach's Avatar
    this sounds pretty cool i would definitely find this useful, im listening to my iPod all the time
    2009-05-11 08:06 AM