1. tha5150's Avatar
    at work, i help alot of people with their IT issues and i am supposed to track all of them using a program called TrackIT. the only thing is, i forget 1/2 the things i do throughout the day. i tried using "notes" for this but i have to manually email it to myself and this is tie consuming. i would like to type in a note and hit save or done. at this point, it automatically syncs with my email or another app of some sort and shows up at my computer to remind me of all i have done for the day.

    is there anything out there that would help me with this?
    2009-06-09 11:12 PM
  2. MnVikingsFan26's Avatar
    with the new 3.0 software you will be able to sync your notes with your computer. When you sync the notes with apple mail it will tell you if there are new notes. hopefully this is what you are looking for?
    2009-06-10 03:25 AM