1. Hayesimus's Avatar
    I think it would be great if the background image beneath the text balloons in a text conversation were the contact image of the person you are texting. If you have a pic assigned to that contact it would show up just as when they call you. This would really help out in making sure you are texting the correct person. I can't count how many times I've opened my text application and just started typing only to realize I was texting the wrong person because it brought up the last person I received a text from. What do you guys think? Would this be a good feature?!
    2009-07-10 04:30 PM
  2. graytman's Avatar
    I was just browsing the forum today and I think that would be awesome! imagine the backgrounds you could have!

    Also is this intended for jailbreak to like possibly mod the sms app? that would be genious!

    EDIT: oh you mean the contact image yeah that would be cool except..it might be odd saying someones face in the background, perhaps a more custom approach like you could have and options menu to select the mode like to chooch an image form library or to use Contact image.
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    2009-07-13 05:11 AM
  3. Hayesimus's Avatar
    Agreed. I think it should have a default image or the ability to have custom images. For some contacts it would be their picture. Or for say work contacts there would be the company logo or something. I also think it would be great if you could even customize the message bubbles per user. Like say have your more frequent texting contacts' bubbles be their favorite color. You could even do pink for girls and blue for boys or something. I'm all for making it easier to distinguish who you are texting at a glance. Like I said, I am the world's worst about hitting send and then realizing I have the wrong contact... :P
    2009-07-13 06:10 AM