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    I have look at thread after thread for days (wife gettin mad)
    I downloaded and bought swirlymms 2.1 and keep getting fetch error.I put sim back in my bb phone 20 mins it works put back in iphone and it works for 10 min then goes back to fetch error has anyone been able to fix this I'm on att go phone plan. settings must be good but it don't stay working.please help this is the only iphone bug I haven't been able to figure out thanks
    2009-07-12 08:59 PM
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    Are you on AT&T? Have you called them like the threads have said and changed your options?
    2009-07-12 09:25 PM
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    I am trying now. hope this works.

    No good. Att said as of 2 weeks ago they stopped all unautorized use with iphone to mms .He said there is special tracking codes that you have to put in the iphone so it will work and he wouldn't give them up. you can only get them with the iphone package.That sucks hope some smart modders can figure this out.

    I think that if I can change the imei # to my bb imei#it will work or if someone knows a way to lock the imei # to the sim so it don't change when I put it in the iphone that is what is happening.
    could someone please help.thx
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    2009-07-12 11:51 PM
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    You can't change the imei anymore.
    2009-07-13 04:19 AM
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    Are you on AT&T? Have you called them like the threads have said and changed your options?
    I tried that, I called At&t and they said i have to wait... made me
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    2009-07-13 04:36 AM
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    I did the ipcc itune up grade thing with my old phone and it gave me the camera icon in my sms let me send a couple of pics then reverted back.Thats why I started the thread of stopping the imei # from changing.

    Now we need someone to find out how to use "Opt Out MMS codes" that att use to keep the iphone locked so we can't use mms without the iphone plan. hopefully some experienced modder can figure it out.
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    2009-07-13 05:34 AM
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    ohh yea.. you the first one to think of that...
    We've got 1,000 threads on this already.
    2009-07-13 06:03 AM
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    Ya think,1000 threads and no one can out smart ATT. Wow...
    well got it working with the swirlymms. Don't know if it was the the last upgrade of the ipcc file cause I now have a little camera icon and a mms button on/off all which I didn't have before or maybe ATT enable it for me after being on with them for 1 hour + last night. I will let you know if it continues to work. It has been 1.3 hours,longest so far used to be only 10 mins.
    ps I won't respond to the 1000 threads though.lmao
    2009-07-13 01:08 PM
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    You're doing it wrong. It sounds like you spoke to ONE rep. That's not the way to go. You need to call back, maybe be on the phone all day (like I was) and don't stop until you get your way. I wrote a blog post on the subject for people to try after I got MMS working on my 3GS. I've had MMS since February on my 3G and lost it when I upgraded to my 3GS. I went through the whole process again and have my MMS back.


    Here's my blog post
    2009-07-13 07:25 PM
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    I have called and talked to 4 diff att reps. I also got transferred to apple, and level 2 tech support. Now I lost it again. In the post above i had it for awhile but now it is gone. I will read the blog post.

    ATT told me as of two weeks ago they stopped allowing the mms on iphone without the plan. That i will have to wait to the end of summer until it comes out.
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    2009-07-13 09:33 PM
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    without what plan? I enabled MMS last week and got the Messaging 1500 plan added to my plan and the iPhone 1500 taken off. Read through my blog post to see everything I did.
    2009-07-14 02:01 AM
  12. wasarokr's Avatar
    without the post paid plan. I have the prepaid plan which gave me everything I need until I went to the I phone.
    2009-07-15 03:08 AM
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    Ooooh, I misread the fact that you're using a go-phone. I don't know how you would go about getting MMS in that case
    2009-07-15 03:17 AM