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    I am trying to tether my JB 1.1.4 unlocked (using T-Mobile) to my laptop. I have tried hundreds to download Tinyproxy from installer but i get the error (package download error) is there anywhere else that I can get Tinproxy from?
    2008-03-14 08:47 PM
  2. drunix's Avatar
    same problem here..... is there any alternative to tinyproxy for 1.1.4'ers ??
    In Costa Rica Beaches w/ my unix box.
    2008-03-25 07:28 PM
  3. Mes's Avatar
    Been playing around for several days with TinyProxy to tether my XP using an iPhone 1.1.4 and ran across several problems and solutions that I hope will be helpful.

    1st: When creating a computer-to-iPhone WiFi network, use a security code. For me, it's far more reliable. When I tried to keep it open, the iPhone would drop the connection and/or complain about connecting (even though it did).

    2. Download and monitor TCP port usage with TCPView ( I was very surprised to find many web pages initiate 20-40 TCP connections for every little picture or button --- regardless of your IE cache state.

    3. After noticing soooo many TCP connection requests, I decided to increase the TinyProxy MaxClients value to 10 ..... then 20. Works better, but probably the BEST solution is to change XP to limit the number of simultaneous connections. I'm still playing around with this, but for sure, an XP setup for DSL must be different with this slow EDGE (haha)

    4. Instead of pinging the iPhone, I used Boss Extended Prefs to get the EDGE IP address and pinged it!! Unfortunately, ping will not keep the connection alive with T-Mobile but refreshing a Goggle front page every minute or so will and resource impact is limited. My tests were > 4 hours.

    Note: Some web pages (possibly with a lot of https calls) won't finish loading at all. Scottrade.Com is an example. Not sure why it waits and waits. But I'm still testing .......

    Note 2: Just downloaded an 88MB file. Very solid and 20+KB/sec. Darn slow for sure, but at least it works reliably. Just wait until I get a 3G .... that is if it will ever work on T-Mobile, not looking so good .

    Note 3: The normal XP system (mine anyway) has a lot of programs and/or network services running that I believe interfere with a clean/reliable computer<->iPhone<->EDGE tether. In order to get my system reliable, I used TCPView to find all the unnecessary ones (all of 'em) and either terminate the process or stop the service.

    Note 4: Once I got it set up, no specific start order (computer, iPhone, tinyproxy, etc) was necessary and could disconnect, use the phone and return without issues.

    Hope this helps somebody

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    2008-08-01 10:38 PM