1. henhface's Avatar
    i have a 3gs. i have never actually used pwnplayer, only seen the youtube demo, but i LOVE the idea of a fully functional media player that is completely independent of itunes. unfortunately, pwnplayer doesn't work on my 3gs (or with the 3.0 firmware at all as far as i understand).

    i have tried dtunes, mplayer, avplayer, and vlc4iphone. dtunes is the best of the four but still nowhere near the level of functionality of pwnplayer or the native app.

    of course i would love to use the native app, but i refuse to install itunes on my computer, winamp's ipod plugin doesn't support my 3gs yet, and none of the other programs advertised out there that claim to support 3gs actually do it for free.

    i would love to see either a) pwnplayer updated for 3.0 or b) dtunes/mplayer/avplayer/vlc4iphone/some other app be upgraded to the level of functionality of pwnplayer.
    2009-07-15 10:37 AM
  2. crashspeeder's Avatar
    sadly, it doesn't seem pwnplayer will be updated as it hadn't been updated in quite some time and I don't think they'll start now. I liked the fact that I could play downloaded songs AND songs from my music library in one same app. dTunes didn't offer that, only downloaded music. Hopefully something will come out to takes PwnPlayer's place.
    2009-07-15 02:53 PM
  3. T-Will's Avatar
    It's on hiatus for now:

    PwnPlayer currently on hiatus
    2009-07-23 12:03 AM