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  1. noworrys3's Avatar
    could we get a status notifier for the 3.0 FW and a pysi aswell

    (if there are any other programs already out there for 3.0 id love to hear there names)
    2009-07-16 09:38 PM
  2. seann33uk's Avatar
    statud notifier does work on 3.0 tho there are some issues with its settings app.
    Being an i can be a lot of pressure. you have to live right up to the small point.
    2009-07-16 11:10 PM
  3. noworrys3's Avatar
    YEA thats what i ment, i wantta change the setings but niether one opens
    2009-07-16 11:12 PM
  4. bgattis's Avatar
    Remove status notifier and install Notifier. Works great on 3.0.
    2009-07-16 11:17 PM
  5. noworrys3's Avatar
    problem is i really like the "notifier widget" and that only works for status notifier =/
    2009-07-16 11:19 PM
  6. bgattis's Avatar
    It works as a stand alone. I'm using it now. Notifier from BigBoss in Cydia.
    2009-07-16 11:24 PM
  7. reaves205's Avatar
    Status Notifier might work on 3.0 but it does NOT work on iPhone 3Gs with 3.0...
    2009-07-18 07:42 PM
  8. Alex_'s Avatar
    Notifier does NOT work in my iPhone 3Gs with 3.0
    2009-07-20 04:59 AM