1. Parkerô's Avatar
    It would be nice to see this app or something similar so that those of us who have forgotten email passwords or need to edit the file to allow a Cert or something can do so.

    I for one lost an email account password and the company (Yahoo) refuses to help with it's recovery as they only want the password that is on it now (which I don't know other wise I wouldn't be asking), or they want the recovery questions which were set over 10 years ago (They have also long been forgotten).
    2009-07-17 06:58 AM
  2. Mes's Avatar
    I'm not sure about how the iPhones generates it's paswords --- but if it's anything like Unix, cracking a password requires the brute-force method. It can be done, but it takes like forever on fast CPUs. I tried it just for fun a few years back .... and after a couple weeks of crunching ...... decided it wasn't worth the trouble. As least for the iPhone we can delete the keychain-2.db file and get back in, but that doesn't help with forgotten (or extracting) passwords. Sorry.
    2009-07-17 01:11 PM
  3. JakeyBoy's Avatar
    sound feasible... dont think wed need to hack anything though, just the right code...

    Might help
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    2009-07-18 07:26 PM