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    Hey everybody. 5-day old iPhone newborn here, hoping you can help.

    A widely documented design flaw in the is the inability to automatically poll folders via IMAP. I use server-side rules (GMail, as well as filter rules in Thunderbird which is also connected via IMAP) to sort my GMail into folders ("tags" on GMail). However, if I leave my Thunderbird open, it will sort messages into these subfolders, which are not automatically polled for new messages by the mail app. Thus, I'll see the ## of new messages in my inbox, but not in my subfolders--I have to go to the subfolder, hit refresh, and then wait a few seconds for it to check. Multiply by 15 subfolders and this just isn't worth it. I'm not even asking for push or sync, just a little number to tell me if I need to look in that subfolder. For further description/to hear more people whining see one of many threads: Apple - Support - Discussions - iPhone Mail does not poll IMAP ...

    Anyway, I was wondering if there exists an app, if anyone is willing to write an app, or if it's even possible to write an app to circumvent this problem. I also wouldn't be opposed to an entirely different email client that supported this functionality. I've done a fair bit of Google/Cydia searching that hasn't yielded anything yet. Much appreciated!
    2009-07-28 05:41 AM

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