1. Big Bill's Avatar
    I'm currently running two separate apps (the native iPhone Camera app and Airme) to upload photos, either to email or Picasa. I haven't found any apps that integrate the two types (suggestions?), and would like to see an option, embedded in the photo app, to automatically upload to the website account of your choosing without having to go through the process of attaching the photo to the email, typing in the address, etc. Airme has the account information on file in the app, and then uploads it automatically. I just want to be able to press a PIcasa or web button in the options overlay (above Email, Assign to Contact, Cancel, etc.), and off it flies into my Picasa account. Perhaps an option in Settings, Camera? (Or a separate Camera app altogether?) Enter in account information, then option appears for all pictures? Currently running a jailbroken iPhone, so I'm comfortable with mods.
    2009-08-03 04:58 AM