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    I have an old Iphone that belongs to a friend. It is 2.2(maybe, one with metal back) She broke the screen so only the 1,2,3 buttons work. She never used a computer with her phone so all of her music, picture, etc are on this phone. I told her I might have some avenues to explore with some crafty people that may know how to get this info off the old phone so she can have it. I just need the files on a disk to get to her so she has them.
    As of now I have this phone with a cracked screen that says iphone disabled. with only 3 buttons working on the screen. I dont even need to restore the phone. If I destroy the phone doing this it is trash anyway. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any suggestions.
    I am serching for a 3rd party app that will read and copy the pictures, music etc. from the phone to my mac via the usb cable. Is there such a thing out there? please and thank you.
    2009-08-18 06:23 PM
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    Media monkey syncs with iPods, search for it on

    Oops u said for mac; songbird should work. It's also on media monkey is pc only I think
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    2009-08-26 02:01 AM