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    I have this idea for a very simple launcher, one of the things desperately needed for the iPhone. So archaic to have to return to the springboard and find a frequently used app all the time.

    Universal, dirt simple, access to a few select applications.
    Two finger swipe left-to-right that surfaces a little display of your predetermined apps. The swipe works in every application.

    Two finger swipe right-to-left automatically returns the user to the last used app.

    Let's call it "Dirt Simple" for the time being.

    I'm not an iPhone developer. Anyone up for the challenge? I can, on the other hand, offer other support to discuss privately (visual design etc.).

    Other Launchers
    Dock Prefs is a great program, don't get me wrong, and Dock Prefs is something that I would consider a launcher that would be intended to access ALL of your apps ~ even if you create a custom quick access set, it is overboard for access to your most used applications.
    (QuickGold also overkill).

    I would use Dirt Simple in combination with Dock Prefs and Categories.

    Little Rant
    Would love to see Dock Prefs fully working and compatible with Categories.
    Would love Categories to be much faster w/o all the delays.
    Would love to be able to navigate BETWEEN categories without having to always return to the springboard.
    Would love Dock Prefs to utilize Categories in a more rounded (wholesome) way, so you can display apps by the groupings (and display order) created in Categories. Currently you have to organize applications a few different times.
    Would love a way to easily backup Categories and DockPrefs for restore. Here there are apps that do this but I haven't found success in Categories of Dock Prefs. Be nice if such backup functionalities were build INTO the apps themselves.

    Something dirt simple to quickly get to most common apps...even if only the same apps in the dock of the springboard. I don't know why Apple hasn't incorporated anything to address the need...requiring everyone to always go the springboard. Way to many clicks (taps). As a matter of fact, I would see myself RARELY ever using the springboard at all if the launchers were better designed. I'd much rather a strong information screen as the main display and the launcher hidden in the background... no springboard at all....and I'm starting to see developers move this way w/their themes which is nice.
    2009-08-20 08:21 AM