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  1. alan2022000's Avatar
    I have tried both TVout and Screenspliter on cydia but have little problems

    TVout is great, framerate seems pritty good, but not good for games which is what i wanted to use it for, as most of my games i like to be able to play on a tv only play in landscape which TVout does not yet support..

    screen splitter, is good as it does support landscape, but colour qauilty is low and so are framerates, i do seems to use this program more as it does do landscape, but its the colour and framerates that let this down so much.

    does anyone know if TVout is still being worked on for landsape support, as this woould make the app alot better, but i think it should also have mirror screen, so you can see it on iphone and tv screen, playing game with multitouch doesnt work to well when you cant see it on the iphone screen, which means i gotta guess were to press.... and for screen splitter, all it needs is that little colour and framerates problem to be fixed and tha would be another killer app, but does anyone know anything about status of this program having them improvements implimented..

    if anyone knows of any other program, please share that info as i have not found any other my self..

    thansk people, cant wait for your comments etc.. on this one
    2009-08-23 03:26 PM
  2. ddonuts4's Avatar
    I think that the speed is affected by the speed of your iPhone itself, not so much the apps; the apps might work better on the 3G S
    2009-08-25 04:45 AM
  3. StealthBravo's Avatar
    ^ They do work better on the 3GS
    2009-08-25 04:48 AM
  4. alan2022000's Avatar
    i know what you mean, i know that about any app will work better on the 3g s iphone. but like i said, framerates and quailty is not the issue with TVout that 1 works great even on just the iphone 3g, just lacks the landscape support..

    i assume that screen splitter is made in a completely different way compaired to TVout on how it sends whats on the screen to a tv screen, but maybe that is its downfall.. it would be nice to know any progress if any for program updates on them
    2009-08-25 09:14 PM
  5. ddonuts4's Avatar
    Oh I guess I didn't read the whole post- sorry. I don't know if any others are out there.
    2009-08-26 01:45 AM

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