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    Hey guys, I am going nuts trying to find a mod or replacement media player.... Everything that I am finding is either balls, i.e. won't run on my 3GS or .... well, i guess that was it... lol... All I want, and let me know if this is too much... is to be able to do on the fly playlists (a la rockbox perhaps?)... i.e. i play song... then while it's playing decide oh hey this is going swimmingly, lets keep it going and just go to the music and maybe tap-hold on song and pops up "add next playlist" or "add last"... you know something useful like that .... and second effing flac support.... i mean... flac.. you know? FLAC...

    k, well if there is something that does this simply or that i can do something to the ipod app to make it do this, please advise... and i'm out!
    2009-08-26 08:11 PM
  2. ddonuts4's Avatar
    It's called on the go playlist click on it in the playlists tab. (no jailbreak required)
    2009-08-27 06:22 PM
  3. eljhongo's Avatar
    i've used that but don't care for it.... i mean.... they don't work like rockbox... which i rather like... have you used rockbox (not intended to be read as rude.. just trying to establish reference)? that's what i am shooting for.. also, no flac support in standard ipod app...

    is there no way to make apps on pc? I am getting all kinds of things rattling around in the noggin (the meds and alcohol aren't working as well as they used to) and want to put them to use but don't want to waste time with trying to get OSX86 on my rig right now... unless someone has a solid... SOLID toot on a dell 1420 with nvidia 8400gs (i don't want to hear no crap either... it's the only pewter i have that i am willing to mess with and it's been rock solid since i got it) ..... boy do i ramble when i am on coffee... meds ... need more meds...!!! k, well /rant
    2009-08-28 06:27 PM
  4. ddonuts4's Avatar
    I WANT ROCKBOX but none of my mp3 players have a version made for them. What's wrong with on the go playlists? Other than that i have no idea- sorry
    2009-08-28 08:06 PM
  5. eljhongo's Avatar
    well my thing is that it's a little cumbersome...
    ----- disclaimer ----
    i have to admit that i am not a big fan of all things apple and the reason i have an iphone is that it's the best solution for me out in the market... but if the pre was more mature, i would have probably gone that route... by the same token, this is my first experience with the ipod for an extended period of use... i have always chosen to go with other media players which allowed for rockbox... so if there is a better way and if i am doing something wrong or not catching something, bear with me as i am a newb to iphone/ipod... but i do feel like i have a decent handle on things

    anyways, the way rockbox does it is everytime you play any music, it creates a playlist... so, if i choose to play a song, it creates a playlist... (so far ipod and rockbox are same here)... but if i want to add a song to the playlist... say i want to add a song next or say i like the whole album i am currently playing and want to add it at the end... with rockbox i can just go back to my library of music and click hold and add next or to the end... with ipod... i do what? i don't really know... i have tried fiddling with it, but as far as i can tell i have to make an on the go playlist from scratch and then anytime i want to add or subtract music from that i have to edit the playlist.... don't know about you but that's pretty balls to me... if i am on the go, i want it to be super simple... maybe i just need to adjust but i don't see it being any simpler than the rockbox solution... if i am missing something... then please let me know, as this bugs the crap out of me... i wonder if the rockbox crew is working on an app for iphone cuz that would be redopetaculous... ( i am just that excited about the idea that websters dictionary was no help so i made up a word... coming soon websters 2010!)
    2009-08-28 11:13 PM
  6. eljhongo's Avatar
    been gone for a while.... any word from the rockbox team or has anyone gotten something close to this or heard of anyone working on something like this?
    2009-09-25 07:21 PM