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  • Could happen, but doubt anyone wants to code

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  1. GHRocker08's Avatar
    I posted this in another forum, but got a suggestion to post it here.
    I have a proposition out there for you coders and such. I really would like to see a Frets on Fire clone made for the iPhone/iPod Touch. It could be possible, especially with downsized images, and would likely run on the iPod Touch 2G, and obviously iPT3G when it comes out, and the 3GS. I could also probably run ok-ish on the older models. I will redesign the graphics, if someone is willing to code this. This could happen if someone with coding experience can figure out how to program the source for the iPhone. It is written in Python, but Python IS available for the iPhone. If I could code, believe me, this would be in the works right now, and I wouldn't have spent about 5 minutes writing this whole thing. People like Frets on Fire, and I'm sure those people would love it "to-go" . I hope someone is willing to help me, because that would be awesome.
    I also have two iDeas for possible control schemes.

    I made another one, too.

    Sorry about the sloppy outline. I made that part in Photobucket.
    2009-08-28 10:04 AM