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    As most of you know Napster is no longer a peer-to-peer mp3 sharing program; it is now a legit site that offers a huge library of music to listen to over the internet. The price for an online listening subscription is now only $5/month! With a subscription you can listen to Napster’s entire library of music including custom playlists and radio stations from any computer with an internet connection.

    The problem is that you can’t access the web-site from Safari on an iphone. I don’t know why this is but if someone made an app that made accessing a Napster account with a smartphone possible it would be one of the greatest apps ever. It would be like having an mp3 player with millions of songs on it.

    Is there anyone out there who could create this app?
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    2009-09-18 01:18 AM
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    No napster app, but try rhapsody it does almost the same thing
    2009-09-21 05:09 AM
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    Yeah, but Rhapsody requires a "Rhapsody To Go" subscription which is $15/ month. The Napster internet subscription is only $5/ month.

    I read online somewhere that Napster would like to make an iPhone app but then the record labels would charge them more money so they would in-turn have to charge more for the service.

    The music labels have to meet consumers at some reasonable level. $15/ month is $180/ year which is more than most people spend purchasing music. If they ever do decide to come down to a reasonable price it would probably mean the end of mp3 downloading.

    I think I will try the free one week trial of the "Rhapsody To Go" subscription just for the heck of it.

    But I wish someone would make a Napster app and release it through Cydia. Is it impossible to do without Napster's cooperation?


    I don't think I will download Rhapsody; I just read that the app is limited to 64 kbs sound quality. Pandora and Slackder have great sound quality, why can't an app that cost $15/month? I gues Apple is only allowing 64 kbs so people won't stop downloading music from the app store.
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    Will "dtunes" downloadable via cydia do what you require?
    2009-09-24 10:35 AM
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    Yeah rhapsody's sound quality does suck- pandora has very good quality though. It should be possible to make a napster app, I just don't know how
    2009-09-24 04:23 PM