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    many people search for an application that block the a2dp protocol. Since firmware update 3.0 apple has introduced the a2dp protocoll. If you have a modern car radio, so you have bluetooth hands free speaking, a2dp protocol and a dock connection to connect the iphone directly.

    If you connect the iphone on the cable an start your car radio so bluetooth will be connected. Its alle okay, but the will be the a2dp protocol initialized and the sound is muted from the iphone.

    So the a2dp protocol is for modern car radios very problematic and apple have no option to disable the a2dp protocol. I would pay for a Software that can block or destroy the a2dp protocol.

    Please help many user like me.
    2009-09-24 10:34 AM
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    Just turn off Bluetooth?
    2009-09-24 04:20 PM
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    My car supports both, dock and blue tooth music. It seems to work fine for me (defaults to dock connection) but I have heard several people with a Ford car/truck that have this issue where it will automatically switch to the blue tooth connection vs the dock. They (and I) have searched for weeks looking for a solution but never found one.
    2009-09-24 04:29 PM
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    Bad idea to turn off Bluetooth because you can´t make a telephon call over bluetooth.

    I have tested many Car Radios.
    The Dock connection is faster in establishment then the bluetooth connection. The Iphone take the newest connection for Standard Output. This is the bluetooth connection.

    The only option is, to wait about 20 seconds after starting about 30 seconds before you can connect the dock connector. Then you can use this.

    If it´s possible to make an app and many user where happy.

    For the german customers, here are many people that have this problem:
    A2DP deaktivieren möglich? - Apfeltalk
    2009-09-24 04:52 PM