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    As it is, it's next to useless. No cut and paste, which means pictures can't be saved to your photos. No copying, sharing, downloading. They really, truly want you to love that USB cord to death. (I do! Really, I do! Just not now. I'm tired! I have a headache!), and keep giving you an incentive to fire up iTunes. (Death to iTunes!) Also, no ability to connect to other WebDav servers.

    Dealing with iDisk is like going to a stripclub: Look but don't touch. So...Not...Cool. And...How much?

    So, a recap, to add more functionality to the free iDisk app that it deserves:
    *Copy and paste
    *Download files locally
    *Increased file storage capacity
    *Copy the files to various places on the iPhone (Photos, Music, etc.)
    *Share the files with others (as in email the whole file, not just the link)
    *Access other WebDav/remote servers (Dropbox, etc.)

    Yes, I could buy AirShare Pro, but...I already have their handicapped version, and that kind of functionality isn't worth $10, when you can't do anything over Edge/3G. iDisk is free, and this is what it should be, not the crapware version that Apple is so intent on not selling.
    2009-09-28 08:34 PM

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