1. jaylen555's Avatar
    please i upgraded to 3.0.1 and when i went to cydia to find it. i couldnt find it. please if someone could ssh it and zip it to me i would be very grateful. Thank you.
    2009-10-11 09:52 AM
  2. tnyrs5's Avatar
    hey let me know if you find it. i cant even in 3.0 for a few days now. thanks
    2009-10-14 01:03 AM
  3. ru5ty's Avatar
    2009-10-27 11:40 PM
  4. bword's Avatar
    dumb question here im on the 3.1.2(7d11) FW. Now its a older iphone the egde one with the silver back on it. Im not sure if that makes it a 2g or not? But ive installed the nativemms app and it said reboot in the black text and it was complete. I held the lock button until it asked me slide to turn off. Shut it off and restarted it and i went to general>network> and all i see is data roaming,vpn, and wi fi. Did i do something wrong..thanks for offering this app!
    2009-10-29 12:47 AM
  5. ddy0612's Avatar
    I want to download applications but cydia keeps asking for a license but everytime a try to purchase one it won't allow me to. I have a jailbroke iphone with T-mobile service I've tried to get MMS and Cydia but no luck any suggestions?
    2009-10-30 01:43 AM